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Mr. L. Davis

My GCSE Sociology class at have gone absolutely giddy as I gave them multi link cubes to help them understand sampling techniques. Went down a STORM! https://t.co/uLmnhZAkev


A great presentation from on career paths and future destinations https://t.co/VOqSq7ZWlL


A reminder that the PTA are hosting an outdoor cinema night this Saturday. For tickets - please go to https://t.co/OyXZKECfAO


Thanks for joining our governors Mr Solomonides! https://t.co/h2Irz9uVRt


This Saturday is the start of our Saturday school sessions for GCSE PE with Mr Becko! Looking forward to seeing our dedicated year 11 students at 9am


Forest Hall School Retweeted

Looking forward to meeting prospective pupils and parents tomorrow morning. See you all at 10am at Burnt Mill Academy.


Great hearing from regarding at our open evening tonight. Such an exciting time for education within our Trust!


This is great! https://t.co/bu1lYcdInU


Wow - what a great day with our passionate and dedicated staff planning our next stage in school improvement. Exceptional progress, behaviour and experiences for all. Can’t wait to see the students on Monday!


Forest Hall School Retweeted

Join us on 8 Sep, 10am at Burnt Mill to find out more information and how to apply for a place in Year 7. https://t.co/K56OIayt7R


Looking forward to seeing our wonderful students on Monday 3rd September at 8.45am for another exceptional year! https://t.co/zaWfLeHR2z


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BMAT Media Officer

. & not letting the rain stop them representing at the ! Real community spirit on show today https://t.co/jo6TardGiQ


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Mrs D Conlon

is at the We have , , and of course https://t.co/McwVyT9dV7


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Teri-Leigh Jones

This school will be brilliant - trust me, I know the head! https://t.co/yuioptDiMc


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Kelly Clark

Fantastic I secured for day at client https://t.co/ygrZwF14gx


Forest Hall School Retweeted

Come along to find out more about our school and how to apply for a Year 7 place. https://t.co/yB310mkBsX


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Robby West

Was day today. Went to who have a specialist dyslexia unit to help students with exams. https://t.co/gFW9jJ1BV8


Forest Hall School Retweeted
Kelly Clark

Things certainly didn't slow down for my client before the summer break. Just take a look at the I secured for in July for an idea of how busy they were... https://t.co/JSdkNk83uN


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BMAT Media Officer

MERSEA TRIP BOOSTS STUDENTS' CONFIDENCE. Full story - https://t.co/nF6Ogr0jQp https://t.co/3sclshEkug


Forest Hall School Retweeted
BMAT Media Officer

Students at visit Danish friends - https://t.co/OrlixI8w5B https://t.co/lk9VleWPiH


Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Exam Board: WJEC

Course code / Specification number: 4150

Level of qualification: GCSE

What will the students learn about?

Practitioners and styles of performance (e.g. Brecht, Stanislavski, Theatre in Education, Physical Theatre) and rehearsal techniques used

How to devise a piece of Drama in a particular style working from a stimulus and perform as a group

How to evaluate live performance

Directing and designing from a set play text

How to perform from a script to a live audience

How to evaluate own and other performances/ rehearsal process

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

  • Performance
  • Evaluation
  • Directing
  • Designing
  • Team work
  • Dissecting a script

How will students learning be assessed?

Unit 1 Devised performance in their chosen style based on their chosen stimulus and produce a written evaluation of the process and final outcome 40%

Unit 2 Scripted performance (in front of an external examiner) 20%

Unit 3 Written exam (based on the play text studied in class and an evaluation of their performance) 40%

What grades can students achieve?


After completing this course – what can students progress on to?

  • A Levels in Drama and Theatre Studies/ Performing Arts
  • Various Performing Arts qualifications available (e.g. Btec)
  • Following this:
  • Stage school
  • Teaching/ training/ coaching
  • Professional performance work for a theatre company/ agent
  • Script writing
  • Directing
  • Stage Designing
  • Stage Lighting
  • Sound technician etc...

For further information, please contact:

Miss White: s.white@fhs.essex.sch.uk

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