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Mr. L. Davis

As the new term approaches, teachers in the area should take a look at - they offer FREE homelessness workshops to schools and a whole range of other fun, interactive and informative sessions which students find really engaging. Highly recommended. https://t.co/8vOxKy5iTY

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Good luck to all those students collecting their A Level results today. This time next week it is GCSE results day. Fingers crossed for all students! https://t.co/zkqtC8elrC


The start of the Autumn term is Wednesday 4th September at 8.45am. Students will be given their timetable & planner on this day. Students in Year 7 will be involved in an anti-bullying/friendship activities all day. Students in Year 8 to 11 will have normal lessons on this day.


A reminder that GCSE results day is Thursday 22nd August. Students in Year 11 are invited in at 9am to collect their results and students in Year 9 and 10 are invited in at 10am. Please be aware that students and parents/carers will need to enter school via the library entrance.

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Epping St John’s Sixth Form

WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR SEPTEMBER 2019 - Our 6th Form space is currently undergoing a full refurb ready for September - to find out more and apply online visit https://t.co/SSyhHVkvzN and click on Sixth Form. https://t.co/JoZpIiB7SL

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Magna Carta Primary Academy

Our defibrillator has been installed & registered. It's outside the entrance & is for use by anyone who needs it. Info' about how to open the cabinet outside school hours is on the outside.Thanks to those who donated money to pay for the cabinet and fitting. https://t.co/H0GVUKeDlY

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Read more about our continued work with , and , on today: https://t.co/zA4MacXtF1 https://t.co/DFx55VPTMF

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Brave young people faced their fears and rose to the challenges a school holiday gave them. Year 7 and 8 students from Forest Hall School spent three days at Essex Outdoors Mersea. https://t.co/mMzRZQ04cU https://t.co/mYmKc9eLkR

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A night of swing incorporated a mix of student performances and music by the Blue Skies Big Band. The audience enjoyed an opportunity for a dance during the show at Forest Hall School. https://t.co/JjHwmgJ939 https://t.co/NNsjCU8iDQ

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Even time for waffles and ice cream tonight! Last full day tomorrow, looking forward to the Greek night in Roda with the children from the orphanage! Greek dancing, plate smashing and lots of Greek food! https://t.co/vEeCrR8X7E

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Hard-hitting warnings and advice were given to help young people to keep safe and well in a variety of scenarios. Year 8 students at Forest Hall School spent a whole day off of the usual timetable to focus on their physical and mental health and wellbeing. https://t.co/aJWvFt2EKo https://t.co/VJ42uvGZZA

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History came to life when students took a visit to the Imperial War Museum . The trip to Duxford enabled Year 8 students from Forest Hall School to get a better understanding of WWI and WWII. https://t.co/pa1vP6RJxc https://t.co/0oxu6zeTcj

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The day after the brief storm last night....At the water park and ready for the slides. Looks like the children from the orphanage are ready to go! https://t.co/RgpRMTwMfI


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Please share this. This needs to be praised. We are all so quick to hear about negativity so let’s celebrate the good things. https://t.co/QVs2ELwFos

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After a day on the beach with the children from the orphanage, we have made our way to Corfu Town for dinner and shopping! https://t.co/uJmEF9gKWV

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Arrived at the orphanage to see the children....more updates to follow. https://t.co/Vj9xpKptta


A reminder that tomorrow (Friday 12th July) is a non-uniform day for students and staff. Money raised will go to the Eagle House charity - CLIC Sargent. Please ensure that payment is made via ParentPay.

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Students off to Corfu to visit the Smile of the Child orphanage. Have a great time! https://t.co/KYvb3YJxpw

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VACANCY: Educational Welfare Officer Based at Designated Academies (across Essex) https://t.co/ZatL1uBbwk https://t.co/H1fXUHoYQa


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We are on the hunt for a disused green house (not the glass just the frame) so that we can build our plastic bottle greenhouse on the allotment . If you have one you'd like to donate we'd love to have it! please RT

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Textiles Technology

Course code / Specification number: Edexcel - 2TT01 

What will the students learn about?

Students will:

  • make decisions, consider sustainability and combine skills with knowledge and understanding in

order to design and make quality products

  • explore ways in which aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social

dimensions interact to shape designing and making

  • analyse existing products and produce practical solutions to needs, wants and opportunities,

recognising their impact on quality of life

  • develop decision-making skills through individual and collaborative working
  • understand that designing and making reflect and influence cultures and societies, and that

products have an impact on lifestyle

  • develop skills of creativity and critical analysis through making links between the principles of

good design, existing solutions and technological knowledge.

What skills will the students develop and demonstrate?

Unit 1  Creative Design and Make Activities Unit code: 5TT01

Students can either design and make one product or different products.
Students will develop skills in researching, designing, reviewing, planning, making and testing and evaluating.

  • Students must complete a design and make activity. These activities can be linked (combined design and make) or separate (design one product, manufacture another).
  • Task is chosen from a range provided by Edexcel 
  • All work, with the exception of research and preparation, must be done under informal supervision. Research and preparation may be completed under limited supervision.

Unit 2 Knowledge and Understanding of Textiles Technology Unit code: 5TT02

Overview of content

  • Students will develop knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials and processes used in design and technology.
  • Students will learn about industrial and commercial practices and the importance of quality checks, and the health and safety issues that have to be considered at all times.
  • The knowledge and understanding students develop in this unit can be applied easily to

How will students’ learning be assessed?


Unit 1 Internal Creative Design and Make Activities Unit code: 5TT01
40 hours – 60%
There are a total of 50 marks available for designing and 50 marks for making. 

Unit 2 External - Knowledge and Understanding of Textiles Technology Unit code: 5TT02
Written Paper - 1-hour and 30-minutes – 40%
The examination paper will consist of multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-writing questions. The total number of marks available is 80.

After completing this course—what can students’ progress on to?

Interior design, fashion design, teacher, dressmaker/tailor, retail store manager, textiles technologist, soft toy maker.

Additional Information

A genuine interest in textiles, and making items using textiles.
Work will be carried out in a wide variety of ways for example practical activities, investigations, research, data collection and analysis.
Some additional textiles materials may be needed throughout the year.
Access to standard sewing materials at home for practical homework.
Students will be expected to attend allocated study clubs.

For further information contact:

Mrs Gannon: c.gannon@fhs.essex.sch.uk

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