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The new issue of Latitude - The magazine for BMAT Schools, Parents and Communities - is now available to view online. It can be found under the news menu on each of our school websites or you can view directly from this link - https://t.co/YuynITeqtu https://t.co/Dr9ywOBZkz


Young people now have their sights set on careers in STEM after having their eyes opened to new opportunities. Year 9 students from FHS went to the Big Bang Fayre at Essex University. https://t.co/tvqJLMVsi2 https://t.co/LoDtlGn7vl


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Magna Carta Primary Academy

Welcome to those who have been offered a place for their child(ren) in September. We are looking forward to meeting all of our new families in the next few months.


We have benefited from this - thank you https://t.co/CO3MXmk0GB


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Kelly Clark

A great couple of days working with my client collecting another batch of positive to share


Students proved they really do have a diverse range of talents, from spinning plates to solving a Rubik’s cube. Forest Hall School held a Forest Hall’s Got Talent contest to give students an opportunity to showcase their talents. https://t.co/idRAPYZXCV https://t.co/8JlDaNpeg8


Very proud of our an exceptional students!! https://t.co/Pc2Kp4gNfd


The PTA are selling raffle tickets everyday at lunch time to win Easter Eggs. There are over 50 Eggs to be won! A whole strip of tickets is £1.00 and all money will go to the PTA. A big thank you for raising money for our exceptional school! https://t.co/GHIEKyi3Ny


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A teacher’s contribution has been recognised with a Mayor’s Award. Kayleigh Trainor, acting assistant head for achievement and outcomes at , has been awarded the Mayor of Redbridge’s Contribution in Support of Young People Award. https://t.co/SPC6xEiPKO https://t.co/sKBewvwvGd


Young people got to explore their futures when 18 professionals shared their industries with them. Students in all year groups at Forest Hall School were able to visit a careers fair set up for them in their school hall. https://t.co/UEpTwyGDXY https://t.co/tms8ktEftl


A week on the ski slopes taught young people from Forest Hall School more than just the sport. Full story - https://t.co/Khpxqm1ah7 https://t.co/3HxXzQSlRp


Teenagers have been warned of the dangers of being recruited by drug-dealing gangs. Year 10 & 11 students and teachers at Forest Hall School worked with theatre company Alter-Ego to learn about the reality of County Lines. Full story - https://t.co/Ihb9VX5Hg1 https://t.co/t6mEqwT3kC


The PTA are pleased to announce the have organised the outdoor cinema! What a great choice of films!! https://t.co/BW66N93dOD


Matilda the musical - what an amazing experience! https://t.co/nyYbOkX5p7


Forest Hall School has supported the Smile of the Child charity for several years, with students getting the opportunity to visit the orphanage in Corfu. The next trip will see 16 Year 10 and 11 students visit the orphanage in July - https://t.co/Poyqf0jIzx https://t.co/8dcBJyNZvW


Our exceptional students, staff and parents/carers raised over £1000.00 last night for the Smile of the Child charity. The money will be used to make further improvements to the orphanage! Thanks to for being a judge!


Well done to all the students who performed tonight in FHS Got Talent! Students should be very proud of themselves! The back stage helpers were great as well. Lastly, the night couldn’t have happened without Miss Power and Mrs Lysons! Well done to all!


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Aspire gr ltd

⁩ ⁦⁩ exciting waiting for the talent competition to begin. All proceeds going to our favourite charity. https://t.co/EJw96fBq69


All ready for Forest Hall School’s Got Talent! Raising money for Smile of the Child


A reminder that it is our Forest Hall’s Got Talent tonight 7pm. Tickets can be purchased on the door or via Parent Pay. Please come & support the event. Students have been working hard preparing! All money raised will go to the Smile of the Child charity.


Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Public and Pre-Public Examinations (PPE)
Public GCSE examinations happen throughout Years 9 to 11.  The Examination Boards schedule exams in May & June.  Students will be given ample notice of when they are entered for an examination both by their subject teacher and the Examinations Officer who will issue a personal timetable to each student which will detail the dates and times of any exam that they have been entered for.   

Pre-Public Examinations (PPE) are held in November and February for students in Years 9 to 11.  These can last for up to two weeks.  The exams are run under the same conditions as a GCSE exam and students are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.   

Timetables for each GCSE exam series and also for internal mock examinations are given to students prior to the start of the exam series.  For the PPEand the GCSE Summer exams a timetable is also sent home to parents.  Copies of these timetables will be available to view on the website.

Controlled Assessments

Controlled Assessments have replaced coursework in most subjects (some subjects do not have a Controlled Assessment element e.g. Maths).  These are completed largely in School under various levels of supervision and generally happen during lesson time.  The work is then marked and the marks are submitted to the exam boards as part of the GCSE exam.    

Controlled Assessment work may not be returned to the student until the examination certificates are issued in the November after they have completed their GCSE course.

Rules and Regulations

There are rules and regulations from the examination boards that all students taking exams must adhere to.   It is the responsibility of each student to make themselves familiar with these rules and regulations. In KS4 students will be given an information booklet that answers many questions that students may have regarding the examination process and what is expected of them.  Please make sure that all these documents are kept in a safe place.


As Examinations and Controlled Assessments are happening throughout Years 9, 10 & 11 any period of illness may have an impact on the work a student is doing for their GCSE.  If a student misses any scheduled GCSE exam that they have been entered for because they are ill, a doctor's certificate must be obtained, even if the module that was missed can be done at a later date.  Any unaccounted absences from GCSE exams will result in students being charged for the cost of entry to that exam.

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