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🚴‍♀️ Well done to everyone who participated in the annual Tour De Flitch. 👏 Donations have reached £1200 and any last minute donations can be made using the go fund me link: https://t.co/RtZ3rmO846 pic.twitter.com/YkVLz6pXBa

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🥇Celebrating success at District Athletics 🥈Congratulations to all students who won medals at the District Athletics today.🥉Everyone involved from Year 7-10 have done exceptionally! pic.twitter.com/ldmNF7Gz7D

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🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️FHS Tour De Flitch This year staff and pupils will complete the Tour De Flitch to raise money for the FHS PTA to support with buying resources to support students in school!https://t.co/RtZ3rmO846

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☘️ Good Luck to John from staff and students at Forest Hall School ☘️https://t.co/ZurNha6nQo

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Finishing Ardeche on a high...#Ardeche2024 pic.twitter.com/NJeO30HKzA

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The Ardeche via canoe = half term memories to last a lifetime!#Ardeche2024 pic.twitter.com/Y67bdNfiDZ

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Memories to last a lifetime... pic.twitter.com/XnW2Wvry3J

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Ardeche 2024Day 1- Canyoning ✔️Day 2- Canoeing down the Ardeche before a night of camping ✔️Having the best time? ✔️ pic.twitter.com/kGTiGJ8c6t

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🚣...and we are off! pic.twitter.com/WIU7MwJXEx

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📚Year 8 enjoy a day out at London Docklands Museum- bringing History to life!A day out at London Docklands allowed students to explore galleries to enhance their History Curriculum. pic.twitter.com/RXjLFfAJlt

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🏆James celebrates success at Tang Soo Do International Championship in Belfast in this 3rd competition for black belt pic.twitter.com/938iw0QxZk

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🍦 Ice cream to fuel the additional exam preparation before written exams for year 11. Thank you to @ pic.twitter.com/QITVshcCiZ

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✈️Each year it gets better and better...https://t.co/kxHVNcW3Oc

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. has held a special event to celebrate the success of a mentoring scheme for students from in Stansted Mountfitchet. https://t.co/3qz1KBJ9e3

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📣 PTA Penny Wars🏆 Will your form be crowned the ultimate winners? 👀 Watch out for the sabotage days? How much sabotage can be caused? pic.twitter.com/EGwMLbSOHL

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📚 An excellent opportunity this Summer to help develop your skills. pic.twitter.com/jojqPsK9tL

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👀 Watch this space... ☀️Coming soon the FHS Summer Reading Challenge! pic.twitter.com/McUXIaob4r


On we’re celebrating Kayleigh Trainor 🙌 NQT ➡️ Head of Humanities at Burnt Mill Academy ➡️ Assistant Head at Forest Hall School 💛#IWD2024 pic.twitter.com/MSw68rFA3o

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On we’re celebrating Kayleigh Trainor 🙌 NQT ➡️ Head of Humanities at Burnt Mill Academy ➡️ Assistant Head at Forest Hall School 💛#IWD2024 pic.twitter.com/MSw68rFA3o

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Young Carers

Forest Hall School is a trailblazer school for young carers, working in conjunction with The Children’s Society.

Who are young carers?

The official definition of a young carer is '…a person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person (of any age, except where that care is provided for payment, pursuant to a contract or as voluntary work).' Children and Families Act 2014 Section 96. Many children do not realise they are young carers.

What do young carers do?

Young carers help with tasks usually done by an adult:

  • Bathing, dressing or washing
  • Listening, when someone is upset
  • Giving medicine
  • Cooking, cleaning, shopping
  • Looking after brothers or sisters

In Forest Hall School we feel Young Carers should have someone to talk to and offer support if required. Support is either available through dedicated staff at Forest Hall School or using the recognised charities of Essex Young Carers and Action for Family Carers. Our dedicated team of Welfare Mentors and House leaders are available for students' to drop in at break times and lunch times.

Young carers are identified and discussed at monthly inclusion meetings and appropriate interventions put into place if they are required.

If you require any more information regarding young carers, please email Mrs C Fegan: FeganC@bmatforesthall.org.uk 


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