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☀️ Young people are armed with the facts to keep themselves safe this summer. 📚 Students experienced themed days that provided them with an opportunity to learn about topics not covered by the curriculum. https://t.co/xUHbTEQnB0

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⛱️ A trip to the beach gave students an opportunity to prepare for their exams, as Year 10 and 11 pupils took a trip to Walton on the Naze as part of their studies. 🌊 https://t.co/t9TYlAn1Rm


📢 We're Hiring! have a vacancy for a Teacher of Science📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/Ae8krkG7r6


📢 We're Hiring! have a vacancy for a Teacher of French and Spanish📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/yz6yByhpK9


📢 We're Hiring! have a vacancy for a Teacher of English📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/KNqTC9E8nq


📢 We're Hiring! have a vacancy for a Subject Leader for Science 📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/xUro9bu7ds


📢 We're Hiring! have a vacancy for a Subject Leader for Science📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/Wu3GE58nFx

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Students indulged in reading for a whole week to celebrate national themed day was spread across five days. https://t.co/iVOfgQwPAc


On International we’re celebrating Jen Gaffan 🎉 Trainee Teacher ➡️ Science Teacher ➡️ Head of Science ➡️ Advance Skills Teacher ➡️ Senior Advanced Skills Teacher ➡️ Assistant Headteacher ➡️ Deputy Headteacher pic.twitter.com/Y3JQMVi5qx

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Notice:All BMAT Schools are open as usual this morning. Teams have been working to ensure sites are accessible and safe. ❄️If anything changes schools will contact parents directly. Please take care travelling to and from school and wrap up warm. ⛄️ pic.twitter.com/VPZayVxJ9a

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📚 World Book Day 📚 📣We are going on a quote hunt! Today students will complete their quote hunt to find out their teacher’s favourite books!💜Our pre-loved books sale will take place today at lunchtime pic.twitter.com/fzAalF0hX9

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As part of our strategy, we have launched our SEND parent forum.Find out more here 👇https://t.co/sX63K3tvD1


Thank you to in & Julie Taylor from the Liam Taylor Legacy for helping us to educate students yesterday.The Community Safety Partnership have funded bleed control kits to all secondary schools across the district. https://t.co/DQ16Gdu05r

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The Uttlesford Community Safety Partnership visited Forest Hall School, Stansted on Monday with Julie Taylor, who established the Liam Taylor Legacy in memory of her grandson who was fatally stabbed in 2020. The UCSP has funded six new bleed control packs for the district. pic.twitter.com/16IaRFczaK


📢 We're Hiring! (Stansted) have a vacancy for a Student Services Attendance Admin & First Aid Lead📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/Xe0fZySp9u

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Teenagers are being mentored by professionals working in various roles at 11 students meet with their mentors every two weeks to gain an insight into the world of work.https://t.co/uVS0fUVGSM


📢 We're Hiring! (Stansted) have a vacancy for a Subject Leader for Science📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/kFAoJzbTUW

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A behind the scenes look at the Harry Potter series inspired young artists to consider creative careers. Year 9 students visited where the Harry Potter films were shot.https://t.co/n0LzULjkML

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A walk down a historical street helped Year 8 students to understand a bygone era.https://t.co/ajQpwxheSD

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Keen bakers used their new-found skills to create treats for their friends and family.https://t.co/XtL7U6LUZV

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Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Forest Hall School recognises that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) element of students’ education is crucial to their development as an individual, allowing them to take their rightful place in their community as a local, national and global citizen. SMSC is about the values students are encouraged to hold, their attitude towards learning, knowledge and society. SMSC is fundamental in preparing young people for society and at Forest Hall School students are helped to develop positive attitudes and beliefs by being given opportunities to:

  • Develop spiritual values and reasoned personal and moral values.
  • Consider the pluralistic nature of society; developing their understanding and respect for those with different religions, beliefs and ways of life.
  • Value everyone equally.
  • Create and develop personal relationships, based on trust, self-esteem and mutual respect.
  • Become active, responsible citizens in a democratic society.
  • Develop an appreciation of human achievements and aspirations.
  • Develop an understanding of the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups, nations and the environment.

Through SMSC we seek to develop attitudes and values that will enable students to become responsible and caring members of society. We give students the opportunity for spiritual reflection and encourage them to explore the fundamental questions of life including their own personal existence, journey and purpose. We provide students with a curriculum that will enable them to develop a knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures, particularly those within their own society. We seek to foster an attitude of tolerance and value towards those from a culture and background different from their own. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the world, society and the community and accept responsibility as a citizen as well as the capacity to tackle moral and spiritual dilemmas and to try to reach independent judgements, which reflect universal human principles. Through perception and sensitivity, tolerance and respect for others as individuals and in groups we would also expect students to develop questioning, enquiring minds and learn how to express their ideas appropriately.

Thought of the Week:

Each week staff share the Thought of the Week which is connected to the theme of the week. This helps both students and staff focus and consider local and wider issues. Discussion during registration time helps the students develop their opinions. Please see the below downloadable Thoughts of the Week. 

Monthly Safeguarding focus:

Each month we focus on a different safeguarding aspect. This is delivered through the Thought of the Week. 

September - Internet safety
October - Anti-bullying
November - Black history
December - Mental health awareness
January - Equality/LGBT
February - Cultural festivals
March - Revision preparation
April - Disability awareness
May - Celebrating cultural diversity
June - Mind and body - caring for yourself
July - Celebration 


All students in Years 7 and 8 cover PSHE in the time tabled fortnightly curriculum time. In Year 7 students cover bullying, online safety, healthy eating, budgeting and SRE (including healthy relationships/domestic violence). In Year 8 students cover rights and responsibilities, youth crime, careers/choices and SRE (including healthy relationships/domestic violence).     

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 receive PSHE through collapsed timetable days. These take place termly and cover the following topics:

  • Careers
  • SRE (including healthy relationships/domestic violence)
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Addiction 


UK Addiction Treatment Group

Although we do not often talk about it, experimenting with drugs and alcohol can happen at any time, and sometimes there is pressure from people around you – even from your friends – to try things you might not want to.  It might not be clear what to do, or who can help.

To support our students, Forest Hall School is working closely with the UK Addiction Treatment Group (www.ukat.co.uk/v123/) who are experts in this field.  They can provide students with information about drugs and alcohol so that they are made fully aware of the dangers that come with them.

They will be at school for our CCD day in March to interact with students and talk about drugs, alcohol and mental health.  They have written a very interesting guide which students and parents can read through and discuss all of the topics raised during the session.  The UKAT student guide to drugs and alcohol can be found by clicking this link www.ukat.co.uk/ukat-student-guide-september-2020/v122/ ).

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